MISSION STATEMENT :    To improve learning outcomes by building a ‘Kind’ school through engaging our whole community to value learning, themselves and others.


School Enrolment Zone

Cosgrove School has established an enrolment scheme as directed by the Ministry of Education under section 11H (1) of the Education Act 1989.

Details of the enrolment zone can be found on the school website or from the school office.  All students who live within the home zone are entitled to enrol at Cosgrove School.

The Board requires two proofs of residence in order to process your child’s enrolment, one from each of the following two types:

1.  Sale and Purchase Agrement, Tenancy Agreement, or similar

2. Recent utility bill (eg. water, power) , bank statement or other official letter

Students who live outside the enrolment zone may apply when and if the board determines there are places available.  Upcoming ballots will be advertised.  Out of Zone application forms are available at the school office.


Children may attend school when they have reached the age of five years and once enrolled, they must attend daily.  In New Zealand, it is compulsory for children to enroll at school from the age of six years.

When enrolling a child for the first time, parents/caregivers need to bring a birth certificate or passport as proof of date of birth.  At enrolment the parent is given an enrolment form to fill in which includes space for details of early childhood education, health needs, behaviour needs, custody arrangements, etc. as required.  This information is important for us in giving your child the best possible education.

Documentation required to accompany the enrolment are proof of date of birth, two proofs of address (as detailed in the section above), immunisation record, custody papers (if applicable), medical action plan (for students with medical needs), parent’s passport (for students eligible for ESOL support).

Enrolment can be made at any time.  On the day your child is starting school please ensure the enrolment procedure is complete.  Students who have previously been enrolled at another school may be tested to help us place them in the most appropriate class. Students must be in school uniform to start school.

New entrant children are invited to spend a morning in class, the week before they start school.  These School visits are held on Thursday mornings from 0900 - 0100. Your child must be in uniform for their visit.  The visit day will be confirmed when you bring back the enrolment forms.  If a longer orientation time is required this can be arranged.

Future Enrolments

Please inform the office staff of pre-schoolers in your family who will be starting school in the future.  This will help us plan ahead for teachers and classrooms needed for our students.


Parents of children who are leaving are asked to notify the office a few days beforehand.  This is to allow time to collate your child’s information for forwarding on to their new school.

You can also arrange with your child’s teacher to pick up their stationery and any other belongings at school.

Enrolment Scheme Pamphlet

Enrolment Zone Parent Brochure.pdf

Enrolment Questionnaire

Cosgrove School Enrolment Questionnaire and Statement.pdf

Out of Zone Application Form

Out of Zone Application Form.pdf

Enrolment Form

Cosgrove School Enrolment Form.pdf

Enrolment Zone Map

A-Z list of streets in zone.pdf