We highly recommend using the Maths at Home resources from NZ Maths for rich-learning tasks. We have also added links for a few free Maths sites for students to access at home. These sites are in line with the NZ Curriculum.

Remember to practice basic facts:

Learn your timetables 1-12 (you have learnt them when you know them without calculating in your head)

Learn your number bonds to 10, 20, 50, 100.

Click on the images to take you to the websites. 

NZ Maths-Maths At Home

Prodigy Maths 

Study Ladder 

Prototec-Basic Facts

Sum Dog

Maths Activities for all 

K is for juniors

Maths learning games for all levels 

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Maths games for all levels 

Maths games for all 

Multiplication and Division 

Do you think that multiplication aka times tables and division are tough?

Watch this you'll be surprised, it's really not that hard!

Learn to tell the time 

It's a great skill to be able to tell the time. We often rely on digital clocks these days. But it's really important we can read an analog clock so we fully understand time. After this talk about how many hours in are in a day, how many minutes in an hour, and how many seconds are in a minute.


How many hours in are in a day? 

How many minutes in an hour? 

How many seconds are in a minute?

Sing a long and you'll find the answers. 

Time: "Twelve Months of the Year" by StoryBots

Sing along and learn the months of the year. 

How many days in a Week?

Do you know the days of the week?

Sing along and do the actions to help you learn them. 

Practice spelling them as well to get super smart!

Important Maths vocabulary for Year 5/6

Math Vocabulary: Learn Mathematics Vocabulary Words in English with Pictures. Look these words up to find out more about them if you are not sure what they mean.  Some words are Year 7/8 plus but no harm in getting super smart aye!

Learn Basic Maths Vocabulary

This lady is pretty quirky and you most certainly won't win any prizes! She says maths is hard but she is joking as she teaches how we read and say basic maths words.

Learn the Top 10 Must Know Math Words in English 

This is American English so add your Kiwi accent to it. Learn to spell these maths words it makes maths test easy! You'll remember the word because you spent time learning it.

Learn Shapes 

Remember when you learn your shapes, remember what is looks like and its name, practice how to spell the name and how to draw it. 

Can you find these shapes around the house or in the garden?