MISSION STATEMENT : To improve learning outcomes by building a ‘Kind’ school through engaging our whole community to value learning, themselves and others.

our people

Students are able to:

  • Be their own teacher

  • Articulate what they are learning and why

  • Initiate and engage in effective dialogue and feedback

  • Talk about how they are learning – the strategies they are using to learn

  • Articulate their next learning steps

  • Understand assessment tools used and what their results mean and can self-assess (assessment capable)

  • Seeks opportunities and develops strategies to know what to do when they don’t know what to do

  • Ask questions

  • Respond to challenges using effective strategies

Teachers are able to:

  • Build relationships with students – students know that they care.

  • Engage in effective dialogue with students

  • Develop a safe engaging classroom environment

  • Be clear about learning progressions

  • Use strategies to allow accelerated learning to occur

  • Provide challenging learning for students

  • Set high achievable expectations for learning

  • Use a wide range of instructional strategies

  • Be an activator rather than a facilitator

  • Be highly effective practitioners of student learning

  • Know how to accelerate learning.

Home and School Partnership that:

  • Have a common language of learning that is shared with home and school

  • Have a shared understanding of common goals

  • Have shared high expectations, especially over the importance of education.

Community Survey 2019 Results

Community Survey 2019 graphs and comments.pdf