MISSION STATEMENT :    To improve learning outcomes by building a ‘Kind’ school through engaging our whole community to value learning, themselves and others.

our school board

Essential Information

The School Board have been given the power, by the Education Act 1989, to manage schools.


The School Board are the school community elected representatives and their role is to develop board policy and establish priorities to support the school charter.


The Board is made up of elected and co-opted community members plus one staff trustee and the school principal.


The Cosgrove Board meet once a Month at 7.00pm in the school boardroom.


The School Board seek your support and direct involvement in the school.  If you have any queries or problems please contact the Board of Trustee Chairperson, or the school office for further information.  We need you as parents/caregivers to support the school.


The elections for the School Board are held every three years.  The next election is due in 2025.

Current Board Members

Monu Maamaloa              

Michelle Flavell

Anje Colvin

Claire Goslin              

Gus Klein                  

Parent Trustee

Chairperson | Parent Trustee

Parent Trustee

Staff Trustee


Board Meeting Dates 2023

School Charter

Strategic Plan 2022 Final.pdf

Annual Report

Financial Statements - Cosgrove School 2020.pdf


Parents Concerns Complaints Policy Signed 20 May 2019.pdf